Sunday, October 23, 2011


(August 23, 2011)

Did you know that your eyelids can sweat?

They can.

Parts of me sweat today that I didn't know could sweat.

Today was a good and bad day.

Lets start with the good...

This morning Random and I went for an awesome breakfast at The Ruby Slipper. It was the best breakfast we have had since we left Victoria (except for the truck stop we went to that was so dirty we thought we would catch a disease, but that's a story for another time...). Next up, The Zoo! We took the bus to The Zoo and back, it stops right out front of the Hotel and right out front of The Zoo. Perfect!

Random waiting for the bus to go to the Zoo.
Random practicing his 'friendly' look, on the bus.

They have so many cool exhibits...

This picture is for Mama Peggy.
We took a train ride through the Zoo so we wouldn't have to walk the whole thing.
Giant Leaf Frog.
Spanish Moss on Oak Trees in the center of the Zoo. It looks shady and cool. It's hot.
I don't know what this guy is, but he sure looks good!
White Rhino. They aren't really white.
This guy looks cool climbing down the glass.
Green Dart Poison Frog
I managed to catch this Jaguar yawn! I know how she feels...
This guy's face says it all. 'Someone, please turn down the thermostat!?'
I love Giraffes.
Silverbacks. We got to watch a feeding.

After The Zoo we took the bus back near our Hotel and walked down to The Aquarium.

Random had a SnowBall (similar to a SnowCone) while we were waiting for the bus. The blue teeth and tounge are lovely.
Lionfish. He is having a good hair day today.
Penguins. They are awesome to watch.

We had a good wander through there and then decided it was time to head back to the Hotel. We were sweaty and tired, and realized that we hadn't had lunch yet. It was 4pm! The Insectarium can wait till tomorrow. Once we got back, Random got to chill out, drink Gatorade, and play his 3DS while I drank Gartorade and went for a nap before dinner.

We had arranged to meet at the room at 6pm to go for dinner. Once Mom and Dad got back, I and woke up, we got ready to head out for dinner.

Before dinner came the bad part of the day. I got a message from a family friend back home while we were at the Zoo earlier today. A golf buddy / friend of Dad's passed away on the weekend of a massive heart attack. He was a super awesome guy and we are all shocked and saddened.

After a few minutes of collecting ourselves and recovering from the shock of this news we had to carry on for dinner.

We ended up at The Crecent City Brewhouse tonight. They serve a BLT that they can take the bacon out of and add a Portobello Mushroom and Avocado. It has crispy basil, mozzarella and lettuce and tomato of course. I wanted to eat 2 of them because they tasted so good. But I couldn't, not enough room in the tummy. And really, I don't need 2 dinners. Who does? Mom, Dad and Random all had big steaks and enjoyed every bite. Then it was time for dessert. I had Key Lime Pie, which I have never had before. Dad had Creme Brulee and Random had Chocolate Pecan Pie. We all tried a bite of each other's and they were all really, really good!

Once we were got back, it was time for showers all around, and pretty soon it will be bedtime.