The Bucket List

Everyone tells me that I am too young to have a bucket list. I say, why not? You never know how long you have... Not only that, but why not start working through the list now? I want to have amazing experiences and have some great adventures. Why wait for that?

Here we go!

Things to do and see...

Find my family, do some genealogy research and track down those 'long lost' relatives
Buy a home
Learn how to fire a gun
Go on a 'Volunteer' holiday
Cross the Capilano Suspension Bridge
Spend 2 weeks touring Yellowstone Park
Travel to New York City
Travel to Africa
Travel to Tofino
Travel to Scotland
Spend a week in Disneyland

Crossed off the list!

Things I did and saw...

Go on a roadtrip 2011
Travel to New Orleans 2011
See Old Faithful 2011
Fly in an airplane 2011
Get my motorcycle license and buy a motorcycle 2010
Travelled to Europe 2011
Travelled to Squamish and Whistler 2011