Sunday, January 16, 2011



45 Days.

ONLY... 45 Days.

I'm leaving. On a jet plane...

I leave for Europe on March 3 and I am getting really excited. I have lists of things to do, and lots of calls to make before I go.

I am excited. I don't think I am nervous.Mind you, I don't want to think about being half the world away from everyone I know. On my own. Having to navigate and find my way in new places, with languages I don't know.

It will be great.

My plans are shaping up.

So far I will be leaving early on Thursday March 3. I will be taking the first Ferry to Vancouver, then the city bus to the Airport. I can check in as early as 10am and my flight leaves at 2pm. The really cool part about this is that D. from work and her family are on the same flight! So we will be meeting at the Ferry and travelling together. All the way to Gatwick! We should be landing at Gatwick at about 7:30am (local time) on Friday morning.

Once I get to Gatwick I have to grab my bags and get through Customs. Then hop on the Shuttle up to the Airport at Luton to catch my flight to Paris. This leaves Luton at about 2:30pm and arrives at Charles De Gaulle Airport at about 5:30pm. Then bags and Customs again.

Once I get done at the Airport I am planning to use a week in the time share for my first week in Paris. So I will just have to get there... That could be by transit, or taxi. It will depend on exactly where I end up staying. The time share details are still working themselves out...

Once I am in Paris, I will be looking for a good night sleep. I will have been travelling for 27 hours, across 9 time zones. I might be a little tired... Just a little. I have a plan. I have some magic pills that will get me a good night sleep, and I will be using them. For the first night anyway.

Next thing I know, it will be Saturday morning. I will have had a good night sleep and will be ready to go find something to eat.

Maybe a croissant?

Then off to see Paris.

Monday, January 3, 2011


I am good at it.

There is always something else that needs to be done. Right now, I need to go upstairs and wash the dishes. But it is more important to write this. Can this wait until the dishes are done? Nope, gotta do it now. Because then I can sit here in front of the TV and not wash the dishes.

I have a list of things I need to get done. Everything from cleaning out the laundry room to listing stuff online for sale. Nothing on the list is difficult, or hard, or something I am not capable of. I am just good at procrastinating.

Why? I don't know. Maybe it's my way of rebelling. But against what? Myself? So what good is that? What motive do I have for not getting the dishes done? Why don't I just go do the dishes? Once they are done I can relax with a cup of tea. Until I do them, I will be sitting here thinking about them, not having tea and not relaxing. What is up with that?

This year, I am going to work on my procrastination skills. I am going to be not so good at it. I know I can't get everything done this week, but I can set realistic goals and just do them.

I am not going to get it all figured out today. But I am going to get those dishes done.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

It is now 2 days into the New Year.

I have no resolutions. I know me, I will just break them.

The kids had a good Christmas, they were spoiled, as usual. New Years Eve was also good. I planned an 'at home with the kids' night. Movies, popcorn, staying up way too late... all the fun New Years Eve stuff.

Then, I went to find a Pay-Per-View movie to watch with the kids. Apparently all Star Choice wanted us to watch was Super-Scary-Not-Child-Appropriate-Horror or Porn. That would have been awkward, either way.

Note to self: Next year, rent movies.

I know that this year will include a few new experiences and I will get to cross a couple items off my bucket list.

I have booked a holiday in Paris and London, so I will be flying for the first time, and will be doing some travelling around Europe. Both bucket list items.

Over the year, I am sure I will be adding items to my Bucket List, and maybe crossing a few more off the list.

This year, I will be learning new things, and having new experiences.

I guess this is my resolution. Doing and learning.

I don't know exactly what I will do, or learn, yet. I will have to see what opportunities arise, and then take advantage of them.

Here is to a great new year, new experiences, new adventures and new opportunities.