Sunday, September 4, 2011

Rest-ish Day

(August 21, 2011)

At 8 o'clock this morning I gave Random the choice of getting up and spending the day at the Zoo, the Aquarium and the Insectarium, or sleeping in and having a quiet day.

He finally crawled out of bed at 10-ish. We haven't had a rest day yet, so today will be good for all of us.

We got some laundry done and managed to wander up the street for lunch. Random had a Muffaleta and half of Mom's Po-Boy, he is wasting away to a shadow... Then we came back to the Hotel and Mom, Dad and I had a meeting while Random got to play his new 3DS. This afternoon Random and I wet for a walk down to the RiverWalk.

While we were there we tried Beignets. There is no way I could have one for breakfast! Not with all that sugar!

They were goooood.

Tonight we had dinner at Leonardo Trattoria and then came back to the hotel for showers and bed.

We have to be up early to head out for a Swamp Tour bright and early in the morning.