Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

It is now 2 days into the New Year.

I have no resolutions. I know me, I will just break them.

The kids had a good Christmas, they were spoiled, as usual. New Years Eve was also good. I planned an 'at home with the kids' night. Movies, popcorn, staying up way too late... all the fun New Years Eve stuff.

Then, I went to find a Pay-Per-View movie to watch with the kids. Apparently all Star Choice wanted us to watch was Super-Scary-Not-Child-Appropriate-Horror or Porn. That would have been awkward, either way.

Note to self: Next year, rent movies.

I know that this year will include a few new experiences and I will get to cross a couple items off my bucket list.

I have booked a holiday in Paris and London, so I will be flying for the first time, and will be doing some travelling around Europe. Both bucket list items.

Over the year, I am sure I will be adding items to my Bucket List, and maybe crossing a few more off the list.

This year, I will be learning new things, and having new experiences.

I guess this is my resolution. Doing and learning.

I don't know exactly what I will do, or learn, yet. I will have to see what opportunities arise, and then take advantage of them.

Here is to a great new year, new experiences, new adventures and new opportunities.

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