Monday, December 20, 2010


Well, I have looked at the Calendar. As of right now, Christmas is 4 days away. Am I panicking?

I have almost all of my shopping done, just one small trip left for a few forgotten items.

The Tree is up and decorated.

Dinner is planned, I am not cooking, so no planning needed.

Gifts are all wrapped.

No panic yet!

We even had time to go out for some fun on Saturday. I took the kids back to the Empress to see the trees again and we discovered that there were even more trees downstairs that we missed last time! Then out for Chinese Food for lunch, after that, down to Market Square for the Farmers Market. The Market was not as good as I thought it would be, but they did have a Face Painter there! She did a great job on the kids faces.

The Snow Princess

A Gingerbread House

Next off to WannaWafel for a waffle treat. They are so good! Although maybe a bit much for our tummies after a big lunch. After we rolled out of WannaWafel we went and found the hop-on hop-off horse and carriage ride. We had to squish on, but it was fun! As we got off the Carriage, one of the horses was the best entertainment of the day. Every kid thought it was amazing that the horse peed.And peed. And peed.

Then, of home for all of us. We were tired and there was a round of naps for everyone.

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