Friday, July 29, 2011

I drank the Cool-Aid

You know when something changes, and at the time you think it's maybe not so good, but after a little while you realize it's actually really, really good?

Well, I am there. Sometimes you get sucked into things, or places, or whatever. And they turn out to be like a cult, and you don't get to see that they are like a cult until you are out of it. Yah, totally there.

I mean, seriously, why would anyone want to devote any part of their life to one of these things/places/whatevers when really, it's just lame? And hypocrytical. And backwards. And full of bullshit. And totally not what they look like from the outside. And really, just a big expensive joke.

So yah, I drank the Cool-Aid. For a while. (Thanks, Jim Jones for that horrible, horrible reference)

Now that I have been deprogrammed and brought back to reality/planet earth/the real world, I will be skipping the Cool-Aid from now on. Thanks anyways...

And I am glad. I really am. Cool-Aid is kinda gross.

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