Saturday, July 16, 2011


Well, I am not so good at challenges...

With all the busy work I have been up to lately, I have blown the first half of the month's budget challenge. So, I have geared up for the second half of the month. Today is the 16th, so far so good, for the last 2 days...

Mind you, I haven't ventured too far from home either...

I have been working on cleaning up and cleaning out. It's a process. A long one.

I am shocked that I have so much stuff. Where has it all come from? I didn't think I shopped or held on to a lot of stuff. Guess I was wrong. UsedVictoria and I are becoming BFFs.

So I guess this budget challenge and the weeding out have come together at the right time.

It's also the right time for a little get away. I am leaving Monday morning.

Early. Monday. Morning.

To go visit Marilyn and Wayne in Squamish. I am also hoping to see Liz and Mark while I am up there. And all their kids. I think it's kinda weird to have 2 sets of friends that live in a small place like Squamish, that never met before moving there, that still don't know each other. I guess they will get to know each other shortly! I will be back on Wednesday night. This little get away is included in the budget challenge! I put $100 away for this at the beginning of the month to cover the ferry and gas, so it won't mess up the budget for the rest of the month.

I had to take the bike in today. Did you know today's rainfall broke a record? Yup, it did. And I was riding my bike. It was... wet. I have managed to put 500 km on the new chain and it needed tightening. Wanted that done before Monday! They also had a good look-see at the bike, checked the air pressure, lubed some stuff up, and adjusted some other stuff for me. Now the bike is all ready to go. And my gear just needs to finish drying.

This week I tried making these Cherry Almond Muffins. I don't have a picture. I forgot. They turned out well. Well as in Crista likes them. They are too much almond taste for me. Almost marzipan-y. So, Crista is working her way through them and I am planning to switch it up a bit. I will make them again, but will sub vanilla for almond flavour and applesauce for milk. Maybe next week.

And just for fun, here's a shot of my pretty girl Charlotte. She is asking for dinner. She looks at you intensely and purrs. And drools. She is wasting away and may die of starvation within 3 minutes if she is not fed. Can you tell?

Starving. Feed me mama.

Oh, and see that bookshelf in the background? The one that's packed full of stuff? It's all cleared out now! I got rid off most of my books and lots of crap and now the shelf looks way less Hoarders-ish. Yahoo! And 3 boxes of stuff went off to charity. Double Yahoo!

So, halfway through the month I am heading out for a break, re-starting a challenge and weeding out the extras.

So far so good.

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