Sunday, October 31, 2010

Jury Duty

 It's my turn. 

We didn't check the mail on Friday as we like to let the girls do it. They love to jump out of the truck and run back down the road to the mailbox. But, the girls didn't come this week, and we finally remembered to check the mail today. And guess what was there waiting for me.

A summons.

For Jury Duty.

I know where I will be on Monday November 29. And it won't be at work.

I think that it's important to sit for Jury Duty. I think it's important for all the reasons that we all know make it important.

I am also not happy about this. For two reasons.

1. I can't afford it. I mean seriously. Who can afford to take time off work? Even one day makes a difference on the paycheque. One day is my bike insurance, two days, my bike payment, a week, rent. So no, I can't afford to take time off work and have them provide me with a stipend that will cover what I would be paying for parking each day. Thats just not going to work.

2. I have a holiday booked in March. A month long holiday. And I am not interested in having to try and rebook the time off and change all my plans. Since it can be a couple months before a trail starts, that could seriously effect my holiday. It would mean having to wait a year, then there is a real chance I won't get to go. And, this trip is being financed by a second job. It will really suck if I don't get to go.

For me, the first reason is the big one. Although, the holiday is pretty importand, if I can't pay my rent, I am going to have bigger problems...

I am all for Civic Duty, it's important. Very important. It's too bad that they don't take the cost of the time off work into account.

I will be there. Asking to be excused. I just can't afford it.

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