Sunday, November 7, 2010

Downsizing and Organizing

Continuing on my theme of downsizing this year I have been sorting through some more bunches of 'stuff' I have and am working on fitting into a much smaller space. It's a work in progress, and is going to take some more time, but it is an interesting task. Everytime I come across something, I ask three questions.

1. Do I love it? Really love it. It has to make me smile when I look at it.
2. Do I use it? Regularly. Often. Like, I would have to replace it soon if I got rid of it, often.
3. Does it have a home? A permanent one. Where it can live forever.

If the answer to all 3 is NO, then it goes. It goes online if it's saleable, or in the donate pile if it's not. Either way, it's outa here. And soon.

My big item for today was my dining room table and it's 6 matching chairs, listed online, and I have had one offer already.

Big Ticket Item #1, on it's way out...
Tomorrow I think it will be my Golf Clubs. I golf once a year, maybe. I should just rent clubs.

While I am working on all this downsizing, I am also organizing all the stuff I am keeping. Today the organizing began in the Laundry Room. I emptied out the whole room, washed the floor, swept the cobwebs out of the corners and organized everything while I was putting it back. Now I walk in there and can find things and have room to think. Ahhhh...

Tomorrow will be paperwork organizing. I have piles of the stuff I need to go through. And I already know I don't love any of it.

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