Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Trees and Latkes

What a great weekend.

The two oldest kids were here on Friday night and got our Christmas Tree decorated. Decorated their way.

It is the best tree I have ever seen. They had so much fun digging out the ornaments and getting them up on the tree. They are starting to get excited.

On Sunday I went over to S's. house, four of us made Latkes. Lots and lots of Latkes. We peeled and cut 20 pounds of potatoes and 4 pounds of onions, then added eggs and Matzo Meal and made squishy, delicious little potato pancakes.

A year ago S. had a party on the last night of Hanukka. The beginning of a great tradition.

Last year we thought we would be able to make Latkes at the beginning of the evening and then spend the rest of the night socializing. We ended up in the kitchen until 1:30am. We had fun cooking away, and decided that this year there would be a bit more planning ahead. A bit less cooking the night of, nad a bit more socializing.

Milo is feeling much better now.

Our planned start time of 1:30 turned into 4:30 when Milo needed an emergency Vet visit.

Once everyone arrived, we got down to business. The business of drinking tea, making Latkes, visiting and having a great time.

C. taking a potato peeling break.

Hours later when we called it a night, we had had a very productive evening.

S. and the first batch of Latkes.

We had trays of Latkes, lots of great conversation, a few new friendships and full tummies. And a perfectly decorated Christmas Tree.

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