Saturday, August 13, 2011

B.C., Washington, Idaho, Montana

We made it from Grand Forks B.C. to Butte Montana today.

The day started early with a Continental Brekkie courtesy of the Hotel and then we hit the road. We drove through to the Border and did not take any pictures. We were warned not to take any pictures at the Border as friends of ours got in big trouble for taking a picture of the 'Welcome to the USA' sign.

We carried on to Spokane where we found gas, lunch and some of those seat-belt-neck-protector thingies. Apparently the back seatbelts were bothering the boys. They are so sensitive... The rest of the day was spent in the car, getting as far as we wanted, which happened to be here in Butte.

When we got into town we saw a group of people talking at the side of the road and asked them where a good place to eat is. They suggested a place called 4B`s which turned out to be pretty good. They also let us know that there is a festival in town this weekend and we may not get a hotel room. We were lucky and got a room at the Comfort Inn right behind the restaraunt. Ahhh.

Today we had only 2 unauthorized rest stops!

And yes, that last picture says `Testicle Festival`! I have no idea what it is, we just needed the loo. I did notice that Dad had the munchies when he got back to the car after walking through the crowd...

We spent the hours in the car looking for licence plates from States that we were not currently in, and waving at anyone else we saw from Canada. We also watched for white horses and made sure to spit over our pinkies when we saw one. It`s good luck.

We got to see this really cool sunset over our hotel on our walk back from dinner...

We are just waiting for the storm to start so we can watch it out our window.

So far we have put 1272.3 km on the truck, 513.3 yesterday and 759 km today. I have updated my map here.

We also got to see a bunch of animals! Yesterday we saw Eagles, Hawks, Deer, Elk, and a Bear!

Today we saw lots and lots of deer. Lets just say the deer today weren`t the happy-eating-on-the-side-of-the-road kind of deer. And now the truck needs a wash.

Today we watched the temperature go up to 36 degrees. We had the sunroof open in the truck and I managed to get half a sunburn, the right half. I guess I will have to drive west to even it out with a left side sunburn... Maybe next road trip.

Here are a few shots of montana we got while we were on the road...

Welcome to Idaho!

Random stretching his legs just past the IdahoéMontana border.

They think this M is for Missoula. Really it`s for Michelle!

So, we are settled for the night and will be getting an early start to tomorrow.

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