Friday, August 12, 2011

Sammiches, Death Valley and lots of driving...

Well, today is the big day.

We were all up at 5am, dressed, cats fed, final panic packing and on the road at 6am. We got to see this awesome sunrise over the misty valley on the way to the ferry.

Once we got off the ferry we headed up to IHOP in Richmond for breakfast and then hit the road.

One of the rules we have is that if you call an unplanned rest stop, you get you picture taken. So lets get these out of the way...

Notice it's the same person each time... just sayin' you may want to cut down on the coffee intake a bit there pops...

We drove through to Hope, where they have decided not to provide any signage to help you find the slide. Considering there are 3 highways that leave Hope, they should consider letting people know, just for kicks... We stopped off to check out the slide, have a snack and strech our legs.

 It was pretty neat, I haven't been here since 2000, and then I just drove through. It's amazing to see the size of the slide. We also ran into this guy...

By the power of Grey-Skull, I have the power!

It's He-Man!! We have no idea what they were doing, but they were playing the theme song and having fun.

Back on the road again we headed into what I would like to refer to as Death Valley. Otherwise known as Osoyoos. Holy crap. It was 34 degrees! We stopped at a park on the water, in the shade, and made our egg salad sandwich picnic lunch. 

And I took this picture from the lookout as we were leaving Death Valley. It was still hot. See all the boats on the water? I can't blame them.

Once we left Osoyoos we pushed through to Grand Forks. Our goal for the day. We are in the Ramada tonight and will be heading for the border in the morning.

We had a good day, and are now arm wrestling for sleeping arrangements. Soon we will be heading for dinner somewhere and then back to the room to crash. Today was sunny, hot and tiring.

Here is the route we took.

Tomorrow we are going to get as close to Missoula Montana as we can. So it will be an early start.

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