Wednesday, August 3, 2011


A couple weeks ago I had a really early morning. Really, really early.

I left the house at just after 5am and rode up to Naniamo for the 7:40am ferry to Horseshoe Bay.

My bike's first ferry ride!

Then on the highway up to Squamish. I had never been to Squamish before, so I had my fingers crossed that the signs were right. Fortunatly, the signs were good.

This trip was a really, really long overdue visit to see Marilyn and Wayne, Joey and Trevor. It's only been about 3 years since I have been over to see them. Last time I was there, they lived in Surrey and Trevor had just been born. So, about 3 years...

Joey shooting me, Trevor being a gardener.

I arrved shortly before lunch.

Once I had changed, Marilyn and I, and the boys headed up to Alice Lake to meet Liz, Chloe and Olivia. Wayne got to stay home and sleep since he was a lucky boy and had worked the night shift.

Joey, Trevor and Olivia playing in Alice Lake.

I find it slightly amusing that I have two sets of friends that have lived in the same small city for over a year, that live less than 5 minutes apart, that had never met! Well, now they have met.

We spent a couple hours at the beach with the kids and then we headed home. There was enough time before dinner to sit outside to watch the kids play, and be bitten by light-aircraft-sized mosquitoes. Holy cow, those things are big, I think they have teeth...

The next morning we needed to let Wayne sleep again, so we headed off to Whistler. I had never been to Whislter either.

Crankworx was on. One of the sponsers is Jeep and they had a test track where you got to try out different vehicles. Joey and I went for a ride through the track 3 times, usually you only get to go once, but it was slow and we were both having fun.

Joey and I on the Jeep Track. Joey is in the backseat...

Next up, wandering around. We searched for a bathroom, watched some crazy downhill biking, found some lunch at Earls, and the boys got to have a picture taken with one of the Kokanee Girls!

The downhill bike course. Wow!

Daddy might be jealous...

Marilyn was attacked by the Sasquatch! Aaaarrgh!

Marilyn and the boys in Whistler.

Then we made our way back to Squamish. There were kids to chase around the neighbourhood and mosquitos waiting to be fed. After dinner I headed to the pub to meet up with Mark and Liz. After a nice chat it was certainly bedtime.

Oh, and check this out...

See the tree chunks on the power lines?

Apparently in Squamish, when trees are not kept out of the power lines, and they eventually have to cut down the tree, they don't take the 'chunks' off the lines, they just hang there forever.

After 2 nights it was time to head home. The trip down to Horseshoe Bay was windy and I just made the ferry. Just. Like they stopped loading cars to let me on to park with the other bikes. There were lots of other bikes. About 50. They had all been up at the Great Canadian Bike Rally and were heading home. So, I was the last bike in a line of alot of bikes. There were so many bikes that there weren't enough blocks on the ferry for everyone. I made darned sure that I had a block for my bike! The last thing I wanted was to be the first bike in the worst and most expensive game of dominoes ever.

Once I was off the ferry, I just had to make it home. And it was windy. Really, really windy. By the time I got home, I was tired. My body did not want to unpack and do laundry. I made it. Then I fell asleep in my chair. I only slept untill it was time to get up and go to bed.

Awesome trip, awesome friends, and awesome-ly tiring ride home. It was a great three days. Lets not wait three more years to do it again.

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