Sunday, June 12, 2011

Despetately seeking... Lunch.

Bay and Tyee.

Please someone, open a good restaurant. Please.

My choices are cheap and greasy Chinese food. Quizno's. Save-on Deli. the bakery that makes pizza, which was the last thing I ate before I had the flu, so I can't eat there again.

And Cafe Espresso. Oh Cafe Espresso. How do you manage? Desperate people in the surrounding area no doubt.

Today I figured I would try a sandwich for lunch. A $6.67 sandwich. A $6.67 vegetarian sandwich. There are a few things that restaurants or cafes or whatever... should know about sandwiches.

1. It's a sandwich. Made of bread and some stuff in the middle. It's not fancy, however you try to spin it, mayo is mayo, bread is bread, the stuff in the middle is just stuff in the middle.

2. If you want me to ever buy another $7 sandwich, you need to make me a $7 sandwich. I know what veggies cost and have made many a sandwich.

3. If I say 'No Cucumber, I am allergic.' Don't put cucumber in my sandwich. And when I bring it back, don't tell me I asked for no peppers. I am not allergic to peppers.

4. Don't tell me that I get sprouts if I don't. Gimme' the sprouts.

5. Don't charge $7 for two slices of bread, a couple peppers, tomatoes, onions and lettuce. 

I could have gone to Save-On or Quizno's and bought the same sandwich for half the price. Next time, that's what I will do.

Cafe Espresso, I will not be spending my money with you again.

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