Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lemon-y Goodness

In October I began eating Gluten and Sugar free. Things were going well.

A few weeks before I left for Europe I began eating wheat again. I knew that I would be eating croissants and not able to be Vegetarian, Gluten Free and Sugar Free while I was travelling.

I didn't do too badly in Europe. Yes, I had croissants. And treats. But not too much.

Since I got home, it has gone to... heck. With my concussion, I have had far bigger things to deal with.

Now that my noggin is feeling better, I am getting back to it. I felt so much better when I was being 'good'.

Since we are heading off on a holiday in August, I want to have a few items to take with me. It will be nice to not have to eat from gas stations. I also want some treat items that everyone will want to eat.

Tonight I got baking!

I have not baked anything gluten or sugar free before. I am familiar with wheat flour, not sorghum flour, arrowroot flour, bean flour and all the other flours and subtitutes that are out there. It was a bit intimidating to start baking using ingredients that I couldn't pronounce, never mind that I was completely unfamiliar with them.

Today I was checking out Simply Sugar and Gluten Free and saw this recipe for Lemon Coconut Bars. My mouth started watering. I kept thinking about the bars. After a couple hours I pulled up the recipe again and made up a grocery list.

The recipe looks pretty simple. It is. Here is the cast of characters...

The large bowl has Sorghum Flour, the small bowl has Arrowroot Powder/Flour. I am not sure why the slivered almonds are in there... I think they excaped the cupboard when I was digging for other ingredients.

I didn't take pictures during the making of this. Just picture the scene above, only covered with measuring cups and honey. It was... sticky.

One thing I will change next time is that I won't make the custard in the food processor. It made the biggest mess by leaking out of the processor and all over the counter since it is very runny until it sets when it's cooked.

Here is the finished product.

I wish you could smell it.

We have all tried a piece, the only thing I will change is next time is that I will double the amount of the lemon custard topping.

It was deelish! Thank you Amy, for such a great, and simple, recipe!

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