Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dear Costco...

Oh Costco.

Sometimes I love you.

Awesome Post Costco Effect!

You are so beautiful to me...

Only Peanuts! No crap added!

Sometimes I Not-Love you.

This is not Bacon. Bacon is meat and belongs in the fridge. Not in a bag on the shelf.

I don't care if it is Gluten Free. Beany canned brown goop is gross. Especially in a bucket this big.

Potatoes are cheap. Buy a potato and mash it.

Costco has some awesome stuff! Between the almond butter and the jumbo packs of toilet paper I can't seem to get out the door empty handed. Oh, and the samples! I could go there and make a meal out of samples on the weekend.

But there sure it some crap at Costco. And it makes me laugh. And take pictures.

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