Sunday, June 12, 2011

Last Day, at Last.

(Wednesday March 30, 2011.)

This is it! My last day. I was up and packed and checked out this morning and then it was off to the Metro. Back into London from Heathrow, then the best part!

A massage!

I got a Groupon before I left home and booked a massage and facial today at Rich's Wellbeing and Beauty. Funny that the Hostel I was staying at a few days ago is just a few minutes walk away. And I had to come almost an hour on the train from Heathrow today.

My massage was awesome. So was the facial. I was all Jello-y when I was done and really didn't want to have to drag my bags around. So I caught a Taxi up to St. Pancras Station, which is where I had to get the train to Gatwick Airport.

From St. Pancras I hopped on the train and got to relax in my seat until I arrived at Gatwick. Now, if you are paying attention, you will know that my flight doesn't leave until tomorrow morning. Yes, I am arriving at the airport a day early. There is a method to my madness. Sort of.

I am tired. I want to go home. I have done so much and don't need to do anything more. I have had a massage and am ready to have a nap and go home. My flight leaves early and I don't want to have to deal with a shuttle or racing for a Taxi in the wee hours tomorrow. So, I will be jiggling my post massage Jello-y self into my room for a nap and then having dinner and a relaxing night. I don't need to do any other racing around on my last day.

One of the things I wanted when I was planning this trip was an easy arrival in Paris and an easy departure from London. So, I did some looking around and found the Yotel Gatwick. They have rooms right in the South Terminal of the Airport so it will be an easy commute in the morning.

I checked in and hopped into the shower. Ahhhhh. The best shower I have had since I left home. Seriously. The best shower. Then a nap and I will head off to find dinner somewhere in the Airport. There are lots of restaurants in the terminal.

The rooms are tiny. Very tiny. But they sure feel luxurious. They have paid attention to every detail. There are awesome monsoon shower heads, high-quality-super-comfy mattresses and down duvets and pillows. If you happen to end up flying into or out of an airport with a Yotel, take advantage of it! Have an awesome sleep! They even let you book by the hour if you have a layover or a short stay. I tried to take some pictures of the room, bu it was too small. Check out the pictures through the links to see pictures at the Yotel Site.

After dinner I headed back to my room and made sure everything was packed properly and ready to go for the morning. The plan for the rest of the night was pajamas and TV in bed. Perfection.

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