Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Friday night dinner...

After work on Friday I picked up the kids and took them out for dinner.

Normally we would come home and I would make dinner, but this week I had a bunch of running around to do and I knew that if we didn't stop for dinner the kids would be beyond starving before we got home. That is never good.

So, I picked one of the kids favorites. Swiss Chalet. Certainly not my favorite, being vegetarian and all... I sent R. in to get a table while I searched for a parking spot. Surprisingly there was no lineup and he got us a table right away. He is such a smart kid, he had already checked out the menu and had a plan before I got in there with the girls.

We got settled and the girls started colouring while R. and I set to work with the menu. He suggested that we get a 'special' they had on, where you buy a rib dinner and they add a 1/4 chicken to the plate. then get 2 extra plates and the three of them could split this. Man he is smart! So, that's exactly what we did. And for myself, I ordered a baked potato. There is not much there that I can eat, but the baked potatoes are a safe bet. I also ordered a side of poutine for the kids to share as they all love it and it would fill them up in case there was not quite enough for them all.

Figuring out that the Ribs are good.

Now that's a happy eatin' face!
One trick I have learned when eating at Swiss Chalet, and one of the reasons I am willing to go there, is that they will de-bone the chicken for you! So, I made sure that when I ordered I requested that they do this. I can handle cutting the ribs apart, but I am not picking through chicken for bones.

So, after some colouring on the kids menus and chatting, our meals arrived. I got to work dividing up the ribs, chicken and fries between the kids and they dug in. R. got to work and enjoyed everything. The girls were not to sure about the ribs, eating with their fingers and getting all mucky sure did not come easy to them. Once they had a few bites they decided that getting mucky was OK, and they polished off the ribs in lightening speed. Then the chicken, which is never a problem for these kids, also disappeared quickly.

Then it was my turn to take care of that baked potato. As soon as I picked up the plate I was looking for our waitress. I think I ended up with the greasiest, fingerprint covered, plate in the kitchen. There was no way I was eating off that plate. So, I sent it back and asked for a potato not on the grossest plate in the kitchen. Our waitress was fast to replace this with another potato on a shiny clean plate. Then I got to dig in.

By the time we left the restaurant we were all full and ready to head off and get our running around done. We also had an order of poutine to take home as the rib & chicken dinner was more than enough for the three kids.

Those are some happy, full, tummies...

So how does Swiss Chalet rank on my list of restaurants? It's a good choice with the kids and they have baked potatoes. I wouldn't go there if it was not for the kids, but when I do go there, I don't get too upset about it. So, I guess it's a middle of the road, with the kids, restaurant.

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  1. Michelle, We are sorry to hear about your experience! Please visit http://www.swisschalet.com/social & let us follow up!