Saturday, September 25, 2010

So Long Summer...

Well, Summer has come to an end.

There is an undeniable crispness in the air, the leaves are changing colour and there are far fewer hours of sunlight each day. And rain. Lots of rain.

Mom and Dad will be back in another week or so, at the beginning of October. They have been 'on the road' since June 29. It sounds like their retirement trip has been amazing. I am looking forward to hearing the stories and seeing all the pictures.

Once they are back we get to figure out how to live together again after almost 13 years. This will be interesting... We figured we would give this a try as we all had to move at the same time of year, and we all love this house. Sharing this house allows us to live in a great place and have a bit of extra money to do cool stuff, like travel, buy motorcycles, and other fun stuff... I guess we will have to see how this goes.

I have a few outside jobs left to get done before I hang up my gardening gloves for the winter...

My Truck and Motorcycle need washing and polishing.
I still have some plants to get into the ground and some others to get moved around.

It's also time to get a start on my 'inside' progects...

I am still working on the bedroom for the girls.
The house needs a super duper clean before Mom and Dad get back.
Get all our pictures scanned and sorted out.
List stuff for sale online.
Oh, and planning a little holiday...

I am thinking about 3 weeks in Europe in January or February. Yah, I said 3 weeks and Europe! While they have been away, Mom and Dad bought a time-share thing where you can stay at Hotels in Canada, the US or Europe. I don't really know how it works yet, but I get to use a week to go on a holiday. And I am going, darn it! So, yes, I am excited, and yes, I will be working on plans for this trip over the next little while. I am looking forward to it! I am thinking of splitting my time between London and... somewhere in Germany. Eek!

At this point, I think I will fly into London, then go to Germany by train, stay in Germany for a week and a half, then back to London for a week and a half, then fly home from London. Thats the tentative plan. I will have to see how it all works out, but I am going!

Before I go, I have to get all my stuff done. It's going to be a busy fall.

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