Sunday, September 12, 2010

Projects in Progress

Well, it's a rainy Sunday. I love rainy Sundays, they have a built in excuse to have a pajama day! I don't have to go out to the garden, so no need to get dressed...

It also means I can get going on some inside projects. A few weeks ago, in the post titled Projects, I discussed the room I am getting ready for the girls to use on the weekends. Last weekend, when the girls were here, we got a start on cleaning out the room, which basically involved moving most of the stuff to the Family Room. Also, lots of recycling and bagging  for donation.

Work in Progress...

Now that there is room to move in there, it will be easier to get the table sold, and get the rest of the work done. I think the girls will be getting bunkbeds so they have more floor space to play. That will come later.

There is still quite a list to get done...

Sell the table
Find curtains
Find bunkbeds
Clean, clean, clean
Weatherstrip the windows
Sort out the wireless internet located in this room
Find a home for the printer and scanner
Move the dresser to my room
Move the dresser from my closet to this room
Still got to put up that mirror
Set up the TV
Find places for all my assorted 'stuff' left in the room
And lots more...

It is coming. Today I have a few other projects first, but this room will get some time.

I will be measuring the windows today so Mom and Dad can look for curtains in the States, if they are cheaper. Then I will be vacuuming and listing the table and chairs online for sale. And maybe emailing about getting the chair reupholstered. I think that will be enough for today, after the other stuff I have to get done, like dishes and washing floors.

Well, off to get started...

Enjoy your Sunday projects!

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