Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hard Work, Yard Work

I have started planning my garden for next year. Eeek!

This year has been the year of prep work in the yard. Tearing out blackberry, transplanting, pruning, weeding, digging and all sorts of manual labour.

We moved in here in April and as I got started in the yard this spring, I realized that I would not be getting everything done that I wanted to.

I don't think the yard has had any 'garden love' in about 5 years.

Here is a sample of the work I have done, and still need to deal with, this summer...

The apple trees are so overgrown that they didn't produce this year.
The vegetable garden area is full of horsetail.
The back yard (read Septic Tank Area) is full of blackberry and other assorted weeds.
The side yard, over the well, is full of snow berry and blackberry.
The plum tree is overgrown and needs pruning, as do the pear and cherry trees.
The hawthorn tree needs topping. (Technically in the neighbours yard, but it hangs over the fence, and I don't like it)
The other trees need topping and pruning. All of them.
The gardens have not been turned in years, they are like concrete.
The flower garden needs to be transplanted to make room for the herb garden.
The plants in containers need to be planted in the ground.
The plants and gardens need to be fertilized. Carefully. We are on a well.

Once this is all done, I will feel like I am caught up. It has been an overwhelming and amazing summer. I think I have thrown enough into the burn pile to keep the fire going for a week.I have never been so constantly sore, and burnt, and dirty. And so happy.

When this is all taken care of, I will be able to get going on the planting and maintaining. So, since I am working on having this done by the end of this summer, I have started dreaming.

Dreaming about what I want to do in the spring. The things that make you smile. Planting. Watering. Weeding. Picking plants.

I have been researching plants online to figure out what I want. And what I don't want.

Mostly what I want...

I want height. Maybe because I don't have any.
I want colour. Pinks, purples, blues. Even reds and yellows.
I want lots. And lots. And lots. Of flowers.
I want to have to give away zucchini to everyone I know. And tomatoes.
I want to distract the deer with all the flowers so they don't eat my vegetable garden.

Starting early will be the key I think. If I start by ripping the weeds out of the boulevard, I can get the wildflower garden planted there. Then on to the vegetable garden. And the flower beds out front. Then, last but not least, the flower garden out the back ofthe house. This one can wait a bit as it is over the septic field and since it will have great fertilizer, it is last on the list.

Well, thats my list. I will have to work it into my planner pretty soon so that I have no excuse to not get it done!

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