Sunday, September 12, 2010

Meal Planning

After the Golf-a-Q on Friday night, and having a dinner that certainly was not sugar-free, I am back on the wagon. It's not hard. I like what I am eating and have found enough items to have variety and not be bored.

I do need to find some sort of pasta I can have though. This morning I was having breakfast and going through my list of blogs I like to follow and saw this... Lasagna - Lazagnuh posted on C.'s blog. I work with C. and she is an amazing cook and has a great blog. The problem with this post is that now I really, really want some Lazagna.

One thing I have added to my list of projects for next weekend is to make some Lasagna. Maybe a couple of them and freeze some for later. Then on a day when I don't have time to cook, I can just thaw one and pop it in the oven. I think the most important part of eating 'no sugar' will be the planning.

Planning, planning, planning.

Fortunately it's something I am good at. (That's why I helped S. with her wedding.) This week I will be searching for some pasta I can have and planning out some meals. Particularly Lasagna. Mmmm... 

Other meals to plan...

Lasagna, of course
Vegetable/Lentil Soup

I think that's a good start. I will need to find good recipes and make time to get these made. I think the girls will really like helping make Lasagna next weekend.

I can also make 'parts' of meals to freeze as well, like cook up brown rice in a big batch and freeze portions.

Once I get a few meals stockpiled in the freezer I think this will get a lot easier. Especially on school nights.

I can't wait to get started and get the freezer filled up.

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