Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mazel tov!

Wow! Yesterday was an amazing day. 

The Bride's Bouquet
S. and A. were married in a beautiful ceremony.
It was amazing.
They were married on the farm of friends, M. and J. 
It was a beautiful day, a beautiful setting and a beautiful event.

The view from the Bride's receiving area
Before the ceremony,
the Bride (Kallah) and Groom (Chatan)
do not see each other for one week.
The first time S. and A. saw each other was during the 'bedecking' ceremony. 
This was jokingly explained as the time when A. would make sure he was marrying the correct woman, he then covered her face with a veil before the wedding ceremony.

Mother and Daughter
P. walked her daughter down to the Chuppa to meet her Chatan.
After the bedecking, the Chatan must prepare himself forthe wedding.
Once he is ready, he is escorted to the Chuppa to wait for his Kallah.

S. and A. during the ceremony
S. and A. were married under a Chuppa supported by their friends and family. 
Rabbi C. officiated and took the time to explain the ceremony to everyone. 
There were about 200 people present for this great event. 

Everyone had an amazing time and the Kallah and Chatan
are now off on their Honeymoon.

I wish them all the best.
I am sure that they will be happy for many years to come.

Mazel tov!

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