Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dinner and Sanity...

Tonight was my usual Thursday night dinner.

It was one of those meals that you like and dislike at the same time. Some weeks I will have this dinner up to four times. Those are the weeks I dislike it...

On Tuesdays and Thursdays I have school, and some Mondays and Wednesdays as well. On these nights, dinner costs me $3.75. It would be nice if this was a meal in the cafeteria, but this is not to be, as my classes are in the evening, after the cafeteria is closed.

So, what do I have for dinner, up to four times a week?...

Sun Chips


a bottle of water.

Yup, that's dinner.

There is a reason I have this on school nights.


You see, right now, I am busy. Really busy. Work. School. Volunteer stuff. The Kids. Gardening. Life... I just don't have time to pack a dinner on school nights. And, really, what would I pack that I would want to eat 12 hours later?

I have this system worked out. I park my bike in the back lot, go through the door at the top of the stairs, down the hall, and in the seating area there are two 'dinner' machines. Then down the other hall to class. Chips and math are a good combo.

There is no worrying about packing a dinner and forgetting it in the fridge at work until it looks like a scary science experiment. No taking the time to figure out what to have. No special groceries. Dinner is ready for me when I get there.

This lets me cross one more thing off my list each day. And believe me, lately, it's one heck of a list.

For lunch at work I have a similar system. I keep granola bars in my desk and yogurt in the fridge. No worries about lunch either. Do I mind having the same thing for lunch all the time? Nope. Not at all. One more thing off the list.


Sometimes it's good to figure out the easy way to do things. The important part is to not feel guilty about it. Why feel guilty about doing something that works? I don't need to worry about making something for lunch and dinner every day when I can use my system. It works. It keeps me sane.

Sanity. And dinner...

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