Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Battle of the Blackberries


Our yard is full of them. I have been doing battle with them since we moved in here in April. I have ripped out more Blackberry than anyone has a right to. The fun part is throwing them over the fence to go to the burn pile. The fence is right beside the cow pen and they love to stick their heads out through the rails and try and grab the Blackberry leaves with their tounges.

Now I am doing battle with myself. And Blackberries. As I am cutting them out, I keep eating them. Mmmm... They are amazing! I love Blackberries.


Tonight when I got home from work I decided to spend an hour in the yard to get the work day out of me... It ended up being two hours, and I got a fair bit done!

Today's task. Bye bye Blackberries.

I managed to get all the Blackberry out of the area to the left of the Hawthorne Tree. I also took the clippers to the tree. Who would ever want a tree with big spikes on it? I don't. So, I cut everything out below six feet. Thats my rule for all the trees in the yard. Anything below six feet is gone. I am only five feet tall and if I have to worry about getting bonked in the head, it's too low!

This area of the yard, the other side of the driveway, will be done soon. It's going to be simple. Basically as it appears here, but tidy. I think I may plant some Mint in this area. We can't fertilize here as it is over our well, so I need to plant something that will take care of itself.

My big Mint. This will soon have a new home.
This is the year of 'prep' work in the yard. I don't have the gardens the way I want them this year, but I am getting them ready to be great next year. I don't think they have been worked, or even seen an shovel in at least three years! I am spending this year tearing out Blackberry, turning soil and transplanting. By spring I will have everything ready to go.

It is alot of hard work, but definately worth it! In the last few months I have learned so much about my yard. I have had hours of great excercise outside. And spending time in the yard is good for my soul.

Today, my soul is in good shape.

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