Friday, August 27, 2010


Now that the summer is coming to an end I am starting to focus on 'inside' projects. Funny how the things you take on change unconciously. I just realized that I was planning an inside project all week, instead of a garden project for the weekend.

I do have garden projects for this weekend that need to get done, but I think these will be winding down and the inside jobs will begin.

This is my first inside project this year...

Ok, I am actually a bit embarrased to admit I have a room like this...

This room is commonly referred to as my 'Office'. It was supposed to be an office, but really it's just a room full of stuff. Projects I need to start, or finish...

I mean, really, how hard would it be to put up that mirror, or fold those blankets...

It has turned into a black hole. So, this weekend I am going to get a start on this. It will mean getting some things done I have been procrastinating on, and making some decisions on what I want and don't want.

Here is the starting list...

Take down the cardboard curtains
Sort through every single item in the room
Get rid of stuff I have not used in years
Re-pot plants
Get rid of things I don't need
Put the dining table and chairs for sale online
Put everything else online I am not willing to donate away
Sort out Christmas stuff
Scan family photos (there are only about 6 boxes of these)
List collectable books online
There is a box of cable and wires in there somewhere, that has to go
Fold the blankets and put them away, actually away
Figure out how I want the beige chair re-upholstered
Put the mirror and other pictures up on the walls
Take all the donation stuff out of the house and drop it off
Sort through the piles of paperwork that are hidden under the blankets

My plan is to turn this room into a guest room. I have two little girls here every weekend that love to sleep in the leather chairs in the family room, but when the weather changes, the leather chairs will be really cold... If I have a guest room, the girls can use it on the weekends and any company that comes will have a space as well.

It will mean a few new projects, like figuring out curtains, which I will be recruiting S. to sew for me. And furniture, like a bed. But these things will happen in due time. First, I need to get the room cleaned out.

So, tomorrow I will have my two little recruits helping me and we will get a start on it. I can't wait to get it done, not only will it feel gret to have it done, but the girls will love having a room of their own.

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