Monday, August 9, 2010

Cakes by Rosalyn...

Rosalyn is someone I work with who amazes me on a regular basis. Not only is she funny, kind, entertaining, and a skinny bitch, she can bake like there is no tomorrow...

I mean BAKE!

Like, 'Why do you work here?' kind of bake.

She has found something that she loves to do, not only that, but she ROCKS at it!

Rosalyn has made cupcakes for a meeting I had, as well as cakes and cupcakes for bithdays and weddings for people she knows, or knows through people.

Good. Seriously good.

This is the kind of stuff that you eat with your eyes first. Then you almost don't want to eat it with your mouth because it's just so pretty. But when you break down and take that bite you fall in love. With Rosalyn. Just a little bit. Each bite.

I mean seriously, who gets their baking blogged about on a book site?! Shouldn't they be blogging about books? Nope. They were blogging about Rosalyn, and one of her cakes.

Now everyone knows. Rosalyn, you rock. And your cakes rock.

Steak Cake by Rosalyn. Steak Cake. Really. She made it. A steak out of cake.
I like baby potatoes... warm, cold... fondant... Wait! What?! Fondant?! You mean these aren't actually potatoes? The potatoes, carrots and peas were made by Rosalyn.

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