Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chasing my tail.

(Sunday March 6, 2011)

Today was Hostel switching day. The Fuaj Cite des Sciences HI Hostel is full tonight and I had booked into the Fuaj Paris Clichy Hi Hostel already anyways. So back across the city on the train again. All this train back and forth has been good! I have figured out how it all works.

Once I was checked into the Hostel I had a good look around. Uh oh. The kitchen is a mess, there is no soap, or dishcloth, or towel. The sink is full of dirty dishes. Everything seems grungy. The room is grungy and stinks like pot. There are no sheets. Ok, back to reception to have my room switched and get some sheets.

This is part of the adventure, right? RIGHT!?

No more pot smell, sheets on the bed, found some dinner.

So after two days of chasing rooms and getting no touristy stuff done I decided that I can stay for 2 nights. I got on the computer and started figuring out what I will be doing tomorrow. I also booked myself in at the iBis Hotel Port de Bagnolet for 5 nights once I leave the Hostel. Enough of this nonsense. No more chasing rooms or staying in this dirty yucky place.

Next, touristy stuff.

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