Thursday, March 24, 2011

How was my truck written off? Well...

It snowed again.

When it snows overnight and you wake up to 10 inches of snow it seems unreal. Especially at the end of February in Victoria. It snows so rarely here that to wake up to so much of it seems almost unreal.

I woke up Wednesday, February 23 to a bunch of snow and an early morning breakfast meeting. Off I went with my contribution of eggs at about 6:30. Well, the snow had a different idea.

My road is only one lane, and at the end, well, it ends. If you don't turn right or left, you go into a really big ditch. The snow figured I should try this out. Fortunately I was doing about 10km/hr and was able to turn enough that I went into the ditch sideways. The ditch is so deep that I ended up on more than a 45degree angle and had to phone home to get someone to come down and help me get out of the truck. With the weight of the door, I just couldn't get it open.

I got out, wandered back home, made a cup of tea and waited for the tow truck. I missed my meeting, and broke one egg.

Once the truck was out of the ditch, I brought it home to inspect the damage. A window is gone and the roof has a dent in it from the base of a tree. The front bumper is torn and grill is broken they need to be replaced.

If it was just a bumper and a window I would just have it fixed, but with the roof dent I had to go through insurance and it was more damage than it was worth, so once the estimate was done, they wrote it off.

So the truck was dropped off after work, the day before I left on holidays. Now I am down to just my bike for the time being.

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