Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Crowds, Crowds, Crowds.

(Sunday, March 27, 2011)

No sooner did I get on the Underground than I remembered there was some big game with Scotland today.

Football I think. By Fooball, I mean Soccer.

How was I reminded of this?

The Underground was full of drunk, kilt wearing, singing Scotsmen. Drunk. 10:30am.

It was interesting.

Today was a 'finish the stuff I haven't done yet' day.

First up, Harrison House.

Harrison House.

This is the B&B that my Mom stayed in when she was in Europe in 1972. I stopped by to see if it still had the same owners. There are new owners now who are very nice, but do not know the people that used to own it. The new owner does make a good cup of tea though.

Check out the crowd!

Once I was finished at Harrison House I decided that I needed something to eat in the near future. So back over to Soho... I like Soho, it's where I bought my purse, bracelet and pink bag.When I got there and went for a wander I was shocked by the crowds! Every street was packed. So I took this one picture, there were so many people that I didn't take the camera out much, there was just no room to take pictures.

I did take these though...

That paint running down the window is not part of the display.

How ridiculous.

This is just a wee bit of the damage done yesterday.

A bit later in the afternoon I found this place. They make these...


I had the Strawberry one in the middle.

The crowds had worn me out, so back to the hotel.

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