Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Day of Famous Faces

(Thursday, March 24, 2011)

My feet are really sore, so I decided that there would be no rushing to do anything today.

Surprisingly, I got a lot done!

I got up, had a good breakfast, and then headed out.

First up, Madame Tussaud's. It was neat to walk through and see all the famous faces.

Some good guys...

Some bad guys...

This is a much younger, but no less crazy, Gadaffi.

And this guy, who is BAD, but in his own way...

They also had a Marvel Superheroes 4D Movie, which was pretty good! I was underwhelmed by the one I saw at The Beatles Experience, but this one sort of restored my opinion of 4D. What little opinion I had...

Next up, something to eat. I was surprisingly starving by the time I left. Fortunately there was a cart selling veggie burgers right outside. Once I was done, I headed off to the Tower Bridge.

I was very thankful that they had elevators.

I got to walk across the upper spans and go through the original engine room. The view from the upper spans was pretty cool!

The bridge was originally powered with steam engines. It was really neat to see.

Then I needed a drink. I wandered around and found an old friend...

I sat on the patio for a little while enjoying the view.

Next, the Loo. I wouldn't normally share bathroom stories... in one of the places lived in, I had the smallest bathroom, or so I thought... this is the smallest sink I have ever seen!

My hand is there to give you an idea of the size of this sink...

We headed off toward the Underground, today was sunny and warm, so the walk through the park was great.

This guy was out for a walk in the park too!

I decided to walk down Oxford Street, and stop at Mildred's on my way back to the Hostel. I ended up wandering down about half of Oxford Street, and then went to Carnaby Street, which is a pedestrian shopping area about a block away.

I like Carnaby Street.

I stopped in at Ollie & Nic for this cute purse.

It's grey with black trim.

I fell in love with the diagonal zipper once I opened the snap.

And check out the adorable liner.

I also went to Joy Everley Fine Jewellery and Eastpak for these...

Yes, it's another bracelet. Silver, hand woven.

This cute little duffle will be my carry on.

Then I was done. Back to the Hostel to take my shoes off and put my feet up.

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