Monday, March 21, 2011

Travelling to London Day!

(Thursday March 17, 2011)

I have learned.

The eReader and Netbook go in an easy to reach place. Like the outside pocket of my small suitcase. These are essential on the train. Staring out the window is only entertaining for so long.

After walking to the train, and stopping for breakfast on the way, I had about an hour wait for the train. Then about 2 ½ hours on the train. I stared out the window and did a whole bunch of reading. I also closed my eyes and did a wee bit of napping…

Once we got into London I started looking for a Taxi to take me to the Hotel. I was tired and didn’t want to have to think about taking the Underground and figuring all that out... Then I found out that a Taxi would be £40! OK, time to learn the Underground, tired or not!

It’s not really that hard, you just have to know what station to get off at. So I got off at Heathrow Terminal 1,2,3 and then hopped onto the free bus that dropped me off ½ a block from the hotel.

I checked in, showered, and then really, really wanted a nap. No such luck. Today is 8 days since I fell and had to get staples. I have to get the staples out on the 8th day.


Front Desk,



I also got a lesson on Transcendental Meditation and how we will all be reincarnated after we die. Thank you Taxi Driver.

Hospitals are different here, you go to Triage and tell them why you are there, and then go back and wait in line, then go to a different Triage where they take your name and that sort of stuff. Then you are given a form and you wait in the waiting room. Then a nurse calls you. Then you go behind the curtain. More questions.

And you also make sure that you tell and show the nurse that you have the special staple remover for the staples. Then, back to the waiting room. WHAT?! Yup, back you go. Then you wait. And wait. And become thankful that you put the eReader in your purse before leaving the hotel. Wait some more.

After a while you get called back by a nurse again, behind the curtain. This time you get to stay there! Yahoo!

The best part was when the Doctor came in and was shocked to see the staple remover in my hand. They had waited 40 minutes to have one delivered from somewhere as they don’t use those staples in England and had to track down a ‘remover’.

I could have poked that nurse in the eye with a stick!

The Doctor was awesome! He thought it was great that I brought my camera and asked him to take a picture before he took the staples out.

Not one word about those 'blonde' hairs in there. Not one single word.

Then he made quick work of the staples and told me that it looks good, ugly, but good.

Once I got back to the Hotel I stopped in the restaurant in the lobby for dinner, then back to my room, a quick Skype and off to bed.

I was excited to be able to lay on my right side. Funny, I didn’t know I liked to sleep on that side…

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