Wednesday, March 30, 2011

London Pass, Day Two.

(Wednesday March 23, 2011)

Today is the last day of my London Pass.

First up, the ZSL London Zoo. I like the zoo. They have all sorts of creatures, here's a few...

Diana Monkey.

Asiatic Lion.

Ruppell's Griffon Vultures - Vultures fly the highest of any bird.

Pygmy Hippopotamus - This one is a cutie patootie!

Galapagos Giant Tortoise - Enjoying a leisurly lunch.

Australian Hunting Dogs, or, Australian Painted Dogs - Not lap dogs.

Warthog - It's Pumba!!

Zebras - Chilling after lunch.

Giraffe - I am jealous.

Bactrian Camel - Do you think this one might be named Alice?

Sumatran Tigers - Sleeping. What all cats do best.

Okapi - Adorable!

Check out these noisy guys...

I spent a few hours wandering, I could have spent all day.

Next it was time for something that didn't involve walking. The Original Tour. I like these tours, they give you the lay of the land and a really good idea of how to get from A to B, and what attractions are close to each other, or not. They also provide an entertaining commentary during the ride. Since it was sunny and warm I decided to sit up top on the bus, for the fresh air and some good pictures. And a sunburn.

Westminster Abbey

Trafalgar Square - pre riot...

The pock marks on this church are shrapnel marks left from WWII.

The Monument to the Great Fire of London 1666.

Tower Bridge and HMS Belfast.

This is the new City Hall in the City of London, it has been nicknamed 'The Onion'.

They also have this building, nicknamed 'The Cucumber', or 'The Gerkin'.

Wellington Arch in Hyde Park, at night.

Big Ben!

On the Tour they pointed out the original Hard Rock Cafe. So I stopped in for dinner. It was neat to get to see the memoribelia that started the restaraunt chain.

By the time I was done dinner, I was done. Bedtime.

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