Sunday, March 20, 2011

Goodbye Paris.

(Monday March 14, 2011)

Today is a mashed up kind of day. I have a few things left to see and do, and then get ready to head to Liverpool tomorrow.

I need to...

Try the best Croissant in Paris.

Find the Train Station so I know where I am going tomorrow morning.

Do my laundry.


Charge all my electronic stuff.

The croissant was awesome! I bought a couple extra, so that I have something to munch on later tonight and to have for breakfast tomorrow. I also picked up a bottle of juice to take with me on the train.

The Train Station is right where it should be. I have also picked up the paperwork I will need to have done so I can do it tonight instead of having to dig for a pen in the Station tomorrow morning.

Laundry is doing its thing as I am typing this. I am sitting across the street in a Church Courtyard, soaking up some sun. Wow, I really need to clean the screen on this Netbook! Once I am done here I will be heading back to the Hotel to pack what I can, get everything plugged in and charging and then get ready to be up and out early tomorrow morning.

'My' laundromat in Paris.

I am down to my last 5, so I have done pretty well. I need 170 to get to the train station tomorrow and that’s it! Maybe I will bring my left over coin home for the kids…

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