Friday, March 4, 2011

Travel Day! …and a half… I think.

After a 7am ferry, bus, skytrain and then a couple hours waiting at the airport I was ready to get on the plane.

We boarded the plane and off we went.

This was our plane

Our flight was uneventful, except for dinner and breakfast…

Dinner was chicken.Okaaayyy... The vegetarian option had nuts. They didn’t know what kind. Breakfast was a blueberry ‘muffin’. I am really glad I stopped at Milestones in the airport and grabbed a salad before we left. Between the salad and the snacks I brought I made it through.

Almost right after dinner it was time for the sun to set. The fastest sunset ever. It was beautiful from above the clouds. I will have to see the Hudson’s Bay and Greenland on my way home in the daylight, hopefully there won't be too many clouds.


During the flight I managed to watch Megamind and half of some other bizarre movie. I also read half a book, peed about 12 times, tried to nap for 6 hours and snacked.

Then is was sunrise.

We had to close the blinds as this was just too bright.

After landing we waited in a super duper lineup to get through customs and into England. While we were in the lineup we were chatting with a woman in front of us. She came with us to get luggage and then got me on the right train. She was super!

Before leaving the airport we met up with Dawn’s Dad. He brought me my tickets to the Ceremony of the Keys. Dawn and Family headed home, for some much needed naps I am sure, and I went off to the train.

The train from Gatwick to Luton was £25 and took almost 2 hours.

Luton Airport looks just like Vancouver, which looks just like Gatwick.  So I found a restaurant and have ordered breakfast. Since it’s about 4am in Victoria and Noon in London, I figured breakfast was a safe bet. Delicious and just what I needed.

Really, really good eggs, roasted veggies and potatoes.

A few more hours of waiting and a couple 5 minute cat naps in the airport and on to the next flight. It was a one hour trip over to Paris. Now I am here. And this is the best looking bed I have seen in a long time…

My room has the tiniest bathroom. As long as it has a bed, I am happy.

After 27 hours of travel all I need is a meal, a shower and bed.

Tonight will be quiet night and tomorrow will be the beginning.

Here is the view from my hotel room…

I can see them, but I can't hear them. I will sleep well tonight.

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