Friday, March 11, 2011

Unexpected Tour...

(Wednesday March 9, 2011)

Today started as expected.

I had a nice sleep in and then off I went to find lunch and a laundromat. Up the main street about 10 minutes is a laundromat. Sweet. I greabbed a pizza on my way back to the Hotel to take care of the lunch part.
Once I had my laundry put away I sat down to my pizza. It was gross. Awesome. I headed to the mall across the street from the hotel to see what I could find. There turned out to be a grocery store in the mall. I think it's the french version of WalMart. I grabbed some juice and a couple things I can keep in my room.

Next, time for a shower and a nap, then off to the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe to see them lit up at night.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Insurance, don't leave home without it.

Words to live by.

Sooo... Getting out of the shower I got the floor wet and my foot didn't land on the teeny weenie bath mat. So my feet very quickly flew out from under my and I landed on my butt. I also bounced my head off the doorframe, as I did it I thought 'That's gonna' be a good headache...' So I dragged myself over the edge of the tub to get up, and then I saw it... One little drop of blood in the tub... then another. Then I looked in the mirror. Uh oh. This could not be good.

I managed to get the bleeding under control after about 15 minutes, got my head wrapped in a towel and got dressed. I knew from the amount of bleeding and that it took so long to slow down that I needed to have it looked at. Sooner rather than later, it hadn't stopped bleeding, it had just slowed down...

The front desk called me a Taxi and off I went to the nearst Hospital.

Fortunately the Triage Nurse spoke English. She actually lived in Victoria and went to UVic about 10 years ago to learn English. She was awesome, she made sure I knew what was going on.

She also confirmed that I had done a good job and definately needed my head stiched closed. She figured the wait would be an hour, to an hour and a half.

Three hours later I got in to see the Doctor. It is a Public Hospital or a 'Free Hospital' so it got very busy, very fast.

Never get a haircut from a Doctor. Just sayin'...

After he shaved enough hair to get to the cut, he got ready to put in 2 staples. I asked if he was going to freeze it and he looked at me like I was crazy and he said 'No'. Using our rudimentary hand gestures and limited language skills, he told me that to freeze it he would have to stick me with a needle at least 4 times, and with the Staples it would be just sticking me twice. I told him I might cry, and I pouted a bit. Then I took a deep breath, and 'Ka-Chunk' the first one was done. After a tear in my eye and a few deep breaths, number 2 went in.


I am not allowed to wash my hair, which I pointed out posed a bit of a problem, considering my cut was still bleeding until he closed it... I could rinse the area around the cut (But not the cut!) with water, then wash my hair GENTLY, with GENTLE shampoo ('cause it's gonna' sting like heck!) in 2 days.

The staples come out in 8 days, next Friday. That will be in London. I have a special staple remover, but I can't do it myself (I can't see them), so I will be off to a Hospital in London to have it done.

By the time I got out of the Hospital it was after 9pm. The last thing I wanted to do was go to the Eiffel Tower. I went back to the Hotel, rinsed my hair out and crawled into bed with a bunch of Tylenol and a headache like you would not believe.

Done. Bed. Tomorrow will be better.

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