Monday, March 14, 2011

Last Sightseeing Day in Paris...

(Sunday March 13, 2011)

Only 2 days left in Paris.

Today I went to the Marche aux Puyes de la Porte de Vanves. It's a big street market held on the weekend. I wandered around and saw lots of cool stuff. Like this...

'Cause who doesn't need one of these?

And this...

I could have spent hours wandering, but I had to head off to the tour I booked for Versailles.

We had been told to make sure we had lunch before we arrived for the tour, so I stopped at a Cafe near the tour office and ordered a vegetarian sandwich. Not what I expected. It had hard boiled eggs, lettuce tomato and a mayo/mustard sauce. I was not expecting the eggs. It was very good, and the eggs gave me some much needed protein to hold me over.

Off we went on the bus. It took about 40 minutes to get to Versailles.

Our Bus. Comfort.

Versailles is pretty darned cool! I could spend a week exploring the Castle and Gardens, I would like to come back in the summer when everything is in bloom and all the fountains are running. We had a few hours to wander around and then meet back at the bus at 5pm.

The 'Front Door'

The 'Back Door'

The 'Back Yard'. It looks like it goes on forever. It does.

On the way back into Paris out tour guide pointed out highlights on the way, one of which was the tunnel where Lady Diana was in the accedent that killed her. On the Red Car Tour (a few days ago) we also went past the Ritz Hotel that she was staying at until that terrible car ride.

Once back in Paris we were dropped off near The Louvre. I wandered around and found dinner and then headed back to the hotel. All the walking today at the Market and  at Versailles wore me out.

When I was back at the hotel I had the best part of the day yet! A shower. After getting my staples I was not allowed to get the cut wet until Saturday, but it was still very tender so I gave it an extra day. It sure felt good to have a proper shower and wash my hair. Then I crawled into bed and watched tv and read. Tomorrow will be my last full day in Paris and I have a few things to do.

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