Saturday, March 12, 2011

Staples and I go sightseeing...

(Thursday March 10, 2011)

Today I decided that my new BFF 'Staples' was not going to hold me back. I got up, dressed, and ready to go.

Shortly after getting on the Metro I figured out that I needed to have my hair up in a ponytail. With it down the wind kept pulling it, and it would get caught in stuff, like people... So up it went. Much better.

We headed off to The Catacombs. The lineup wasn't too long to get in thankfully. The part of The Catacombs that is open to the public is about 2 kilometers long, the full Catacombs is over 600 kilometers with over 6 million bodies. There is no flash allowed inside so pictures are a challenge, but I managed to get a few.

Kinda creepy that some of these guy's heads are shiny. It's from people walking by and rubbing them.

On the way out I stopped to talk to the attendant at the exit and we were chatting about Canada as he has been to the Toronto area, and we had a good laugh that I have not been there. The people that came up behind me asked what part of Victoria I am from, as they are from Broadmead. We are practically neighbours! Small world.

After the Catacombs it was time to get back on the Metro and head off to The Museum of Natural History. It is in The Jardin Des Plantes. The Gardens are amazing and huge! There are a number of different buildings surrounding the huge garden and I could have spent days and days there. I decided that I would go to The Grand Gallery of Evolution after walking through the Garden. It was really neat to see, although none of the text is in English, only French, so I think I might stick to the Art Galleries where the text is in both languages.

The animal parade inside the Museum of Natural History.

I also went to a restaraunt called Chez Papa. I heard of this place through Shannon from work. She was there in the fall and found that they have the coolest toilet in the Ladies Room. She took a video of it, and so did I.

Here it is...

Tonight I decided I would play catch up and go see the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe after dark. It was cool. I haven't seen the light show at the Tower that they do each hour. Unfortunately my feet were just too sore to hang around, but I will see the light show at some point before I go.

Yes, I was standing in the middle of the street.
It sure is pretty at night...

That was the end of the day, my feet and knees have had enough! All the stairs are really tough on the knees.

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