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(Wednesday March 16, 2011)

Today has been ’git ‘er done in Liverpool’ day. Since I head to London tomorrow I have today to fit everything in.

First stop, breakfast, then off to The Beatles Story.

Even the entrance is underground...

It was neat, you get an audio guide and walk through a museum that is all windy and twisty and sort of like an underground cave. It really suits the displays. Because I had a Groupon I also got a pass to The Beatles Experience which included The White Feather Presentation and a Beatles 4D movie. This was in another building a block away. The Movie was silly, but the 4D part was interesting… Getting squirted in the face with water, bubbles filling the theatre and the chairs moving was certainly new!

Then as I left the building I saw that there was a City Sightseeing Bus Tour out front. I hopped on one and had a great tour of Liverpool. Did you know that Liverpool was an important part of the slave trade? I didn’t.

Also, during WWII, this church had a bomb bounce off the roof. It landed in a nearby street before it exploded.

Divine intervention?

This church is very solid, and impressive looking. It makes you feel like if there was a bombing, this is where you would want to be.

They have the oldest Chinatown in Europe, and the largest gate to Chinatown outside of China.

The largest Chinese Gate outside of Chinatown.

Once I got off the bus I realized that breakfast had been a long time ago, and I was starving and craving Chinese food. I made a deal with myself, if I walked back toward the Hostel and didn’t find a Chinese Restaurant I would stop at Jamie’s Italian again when I passed it. I found a Chinese Restaurant. They served Pizza and Panini. Not the kind of Chinese Food I was looking for, so I kept up my search for a few more blocks. Then I headed into Jamie’s Italian. Dinner was great, again. This time I had desert. I meant to take a picture, but it just disappeared…

Once dinner was done I needed a walk and if I went to the right a bit instead of straight to the Hostel I would end up the Liverpool Echo Wheel. So off I went to the right.

It's big.

It was pretty cool. There is a commentary that points out features of the city that are visible on your trips around the wheel.

The view was pretty impressive.

Once I was off the Wheel it was time to head back to the Hostel. I was pooped. I still needed to book my train and hotels in London too.

I spent a couple hours online sorting out the train and Hotel/Hostel and then it was time to pack up and get into bed. I also set my alarm for 8am.

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