Sunday, March 20, 2011

Daily Stuff…

What so I take with me each day when I leave the Hotel? Well, here it is…



Nylon Bag (I bought this at the Louvre, if I feel touristy with it saying ‘Louvre’ on it, I just turn it inside out so it’s plain black. It’s like a slightly smaller Thrifty’s Grocery bag.)

Phone, I keep directions, my itinerary and notes in this. I have it on Airplane mode so I don’t end up with a huge bill when I get home.

iPod – for on the Metro or walking around.

EpiPen – I never leave home, or the hotel, without it.

Video Camera – for stills and video

Care Card and Insurance Cards – I have already needed these once, I am not about to get stuck without them.

Pill Container with Digestive Enzymes for the day. – These keep my tummy happy when I eat.

Pen – I can write postcards when I stop to eat.

Metro Pass – I can’t get very far without one of these.

Hand Sanitizer – I can’t believe how much of this I use.

Hotel Room Key – of course.

Money – just enough for the day.

Chapstick – I use this way more than I thought I would. But not in the Catacombes! Then you would have dead people dust sticking to your lips. That’s gross.

Tylenol or Panadol – between my knee hurting from all the stairs, my back being sore from putting my truck in the ditch before I left and cracking my head, I like to have this handy.

Passport – a BC drivers license just doesn’t cut it here for ID.

I brought my point and shoot digital camera and a video camera. I don’t use the point and shoot. Why carry both when the digital camera does both? Next time the point and shoot will stay home.

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