Sunday, March 20, 2011

Liverpool, here I come!

(Tuesday March 15, 2011)

My alarm went off at 8am, I didn’t want to get up.

I finally crawled out of bed and got ready to go. When I checked out, they refunded me 15€ as I had apparently overpaid. Nice!

Then off on the Metro to the Eurostar Train Station. I am glad I found my way there yesterday. It’s a huge station and I would have ended up confused if I hadn’t checked it out.

Gare du Nord Train Station in Paris

Right this minute I am in the Chunnel. My ears have been popping. There is nothing to see, it’s dark out there and the tunnel walls are fairly close. But hey! I am UNDER the OCEAN!!! We will be arriving in London between 1 and 2pm, and then I will be changing train stations and taking another train up to Liverpool. I should be there shortly after 4pm. Next will be finding the Hostel. If my knee is happy I may walk, it’s only about 2km. Otherwise a Taxi could be in my near future.

Tonight I am planning on going to Jamie’s Italian for dinner, which looks like it’s about a kilometer from the Hostel. I have had a look at the Menu online and there are a few things I would like to try. I am looking forward to eating!!

Jamie's Italian. I can't wait!

And we are now out of the Chunnel!! Daylight again! And sheep on a hill. We are now in England!

I guess I had better get packed up so that it’s fast and easy for me to get out of here when we stop…


I took a Taxi to the Hostel from the Train Station. I was so tired from being on the train all day that I napped on my way up to Liverpool. The Taxi cost me £3.20. Money well spent, I would have got lost.

Once I arrived at the Hostel they assigned me a bed that was clearly occupied in a room that looked like it has all men in it. Don’t get me wrong, men are good. But I am travelling alone, and am not about to stay in a room full of men I don’t know. So they switched me. I am in an 8-bed room on my own, if anyone else comes in, it will be a woman. Much better.

My big room, all to myself.

Then it was Skype time. And once we managed to figure that out, I was starving.

I checked out Google Maps and off I went to Jamie’s Italian. It was less than 10 minutes’ walk from the Hostel. I realized as soon as I got to the corner that I should have been wearing long johns, gloves, a hat and a scarf. It was freezing! And there is that kind of mist where you can see it and feel the little drops, but it’s not quite heavy enough to be rain.


These are called 'Italian Natchos'. They are deep fried cheese raviolis. Sooo good.

Dinner was excellent.

Mushroom Panzerotti. So good.

Just excellent.

I bought myself a souvenir at the restaurant, 4 napkins. And I got a really, really big bag to carry them in.

My Napkins.

Originally I had planned to take a Taxi back to the Hostel, but after walking to the restaurant, I decided to walk back. I froze my butt off again, but after all the pasta, my butt needed it.

I saw this on my way back, it looks like fun.

I may go on the Liverpool Echo Wheel tomorrow night to see the City after dark. Tonight I am exhausted and going to bed.

But first, have a look at how I have to charge my stuff now that I am in the UK...

Scary Stuff.

This is an Outlet Convertor, then a Voltage Convertor, then my computer cord. It is kinda scary, like plugging an extension cord into a power bar.

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