Saturday, March 12, 2011

Super Saturday!

Today was a half day.

I had some stuff to do. Like booking my trip to Liverpool on Tuesday. I have booked on the Eurostar and will be going through the Chunnel! Once I arrive in London I have to change train stations, then carry on up to Liverpool. Once that was done, and I had checked directions to the Paris Gare du Nord Train Station, and the map between London Train Stations, I headed out.

My plan for the day was to book a tour to Versailles and go on the full Red Car Tour.

The bus leaves on Sunday at 1:30pm for Versailles. I am looking forward to it.

I also stopped at The Louvre, I wanted to get this video...

I wanted to show how freakin' big this place is. It is the biggest museum in the world. Heck, it has a road that goes through it!

Next, the Red Car. The full tour is just over 2 hours. I marked on my map some places that I would like to get some photos of, and some others I would like to see on foot. So tomorrow I will go again and get these photos, and maybe see some of these places.

I also managed to fit in a decent meal. These have been hard to find. This one was good though. I popped into a Cafe near the Louvre as I could see that they had a Veggie Burger on the menu. It was an open faced burger, the pattie was a potato pancake and it had sauteed onions, mushrooms and tomatoes on it. It was good. The fries sucked. I have not had a good fry here yet. They are all frozen-out-of-a-box and the oil they are fried in is not hot enough so they are greasy and soggy. Huh, well, I don't need fries anyway...

As I was leaving the restaraunt I found one of these bike rental stations outside. They are all over the city, you just borrow a bike from one and return it to any other station when you are done. Pretty cool!

I also did a wee bit of shopping. For me. I am not bringing back souveniers. I have something small for each of the kids, and am sending postcards, but I am not buying touristy junk. I like to add to my collection of fridge magnets when I go somewhere, but I also wanted something else...

Hello Silver Bracelet!

Now I am heading to bed to watch the news. BBC World News. The only English channel I can get. Currently they are talking about Cricket. I thought Cricket was an insect...


  1. Yeah, Farnce doesn't do veggie food, although you'll have much more luck in Engalnd. Can't say for Liverpool but London will do for sure!

    France also can't do chips (fries)...they're stringy and oily. You'll have to go to a chippy in England though and get a good old fish and chips meal (if you eat fish?) :-)

  2. Don't we call them "French fries"? weird.
    Nice bracelet!!