Monday, March 21, 2011

Nothing Day.

(Friday March 18, 2011)

What did I do today?

Pretty much nothing. It was great.

I slept till I woke up.

I sat around and watched the news.

I got my laundry ready to be washed.

I looked online for a laundromat that is easy to get to.

I went to said laundromat and washed my laundry.

I had a cup of tea while my wash was washing.

I went to the store across the street for some fruit and snacks while my wash was drying.

I came back to the hotel and put my laundry away.

I checked out this awesome sunset!

Sunset from my window.

I went to the hotel next door for dinner. It was beige.

I came back to my hotel and booked a tour to Windsor Castle, Bath and Stonehenge.

I watched some more TV, in bed.

I updated my blog posts by including links to things I have done (and corrected some spelling errors…)

I Skyped with Mom and Dad.

I went to bed.

That’s kinda a lot for a nothing day.

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