Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Shopping... Dreaming...?

(Sunday March 20, 2011)

Well, am now at the YHA Central London Hostel. Today was 'moving day'.

I am all checked in and have made my bed and claimed my locker. When I booked in here I had to make 2 bookings, I added one more day on at the end and had to book it separately. In trying to combine the bookings so that I don't have to move rooms they put me in a 4 bed room with an en suite. Sweet! I had been booked into a dorm with a shared bathroom, but I will take this any day! And I will be there until Saturday, no room changes needed.

My room at the London Central Hostel.

This Hostel is impressive! It has a bar that serves food, a self-serve kitchen, a large common area, a good atmosphere and most importantly...


I am sitting down in the common room as this is where the WiFi is available. I have my computer charging and have my iPhone, iPod and eReader charging off the computer, so that's some pretty good multi-tasking. I just can't try and stand up, I have too many wires...

While I am sitting here waiting for everything to charge up I have been looking online for some new wheels.

Since my truck was written off the day before I left, I will have only my bike when I get home. That will be fine for the first few months, but I will need something by the end of summer.

I have been looking at these...

Although I can probably afford one more like this...

I figure if I can find something I can use for travelling around in I will be in good shape. That will also be like multi-tasking.

Whatever I find will have to wait till I get back, but there is no harm in looking until then...

Today I have also spent some time online figuring out what to do tomorrow, and how to get there. Now that I have that sorted out I am going to find some dinner.

It hasn't been a terribly eventful day but I have managed to get a lot done.

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